Stoylenskaya Niva

Trade mark "Oskol Mill" is a part of agricultural, industrial holding "Stoylenskaya Niva", which is TOP 3 at Russian’s market of flour and bakery products.

Stary Oskol Mill's history began 40 years ago. Now we have 3 mills with total yearly flour manufacturing of 435 000 tons and 17 affiliated companies producers of pasta, bread, bakery, oatmeal, cakes and waffles.

Matreshka's Tip

Gentle White


French Thing Premium Grade

French Thing Wholegrain

French Thing Extra Grade


Slavna Premium Grade

Gentle White



Cream waffles "Smile"

Waffles with the taste of chocolate "Smile"

Waffles with the taste of boiled condensed milk "Smile"

Lemon waffles "Smile"

Classic gingerbread "Smile"

Gingerbread with chocolate flavor "Smile"

Gingerbread with mint flavor "Smile"

Oatmeal cookies